Celebrate, Don't Deliberate

1. Getting together is rare in these hectic days. Swallow the urge to boast unnecessarily.

2. It is the host's day. The spotlight is on them. Allow them to have their fun. Complement the host. When your day is round the corner, they will definitely stand by you.

3. Do not fall for comparisons. No matter what you do or how much you achieve you will always fall short of somebody's expectations.

4. Learn to talk positively. Believe it or not, people though much attracted by gossips equally want to be around a positive person.

5. Open your ears to what is going on. Most of the people are only interested in talking, talking and more talking. Listening helps you bond with relations over a long time.

6.Move confidently. You are what you are. No need to do something uncomfortable like wearing too much jewellery or make-up for the sake of your relatives. In time they will accept you for what you are.

7. Take compliments to your hearts and ridicules to your ears. The best take-away from any occasion is knowing that you meant something to somebody.

8. Last but important, learn to have fun. Mingle with people, have good food and relax for that is the true purpose of celebrations.


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