Golden Days of Childhood

Those moments that made my childhood special..

1. Playing on the streets screaming at the top of the voice

2. Delicacies by grandma on special occasions

3. 'Mile sur mera' song based on national integration on the only channel available on TV - DD

4. Going for long walks with daddy

5. Playing 'Mario' video game like it was the best game in the whole world

6. Pranks with cousins during summer vacations at our native place - climbing trees, picking fruits, playing downstream, making new friends, having fun in meadows with cows and birds, wearing traditional outfits, being a part of grand festivals and family get-togethers..

7. Sweet mango juice after a hot day at the park.

8. Bed-time stories with Mommy

9. Bursting crackers starting from two months before Diwali

10.Bombay Mittai ( Gum chocolate sold by a man with a clapping puppet)

11. Summer time specialties - Mango pickles, Rice Vadams ( for which we were the official crow hunters)

12. Elephants with mahouts strolling the streets occasionally.


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