Good Publishing Houses - India

Are you a writer who is passionate about your work? Do you want to publish your manuscript for the whole world to read and enjoy. Then this article might be helpful for you.

Traditional publishing houses go through these processes for a fiction or a non-fiction type of book

They first ask you to send a mail about the details of your book. The details normally include,
1. Synopsis of your story
2. Chapter outline
3. Plot of the story (about 100 words) just like the ones you find in the back of a book)
4. Three sample chapters
Publishers who entertain e-mail samples are:

- Penguin India
- Roli Books
- Random House
- Shrishti Publications
- Fingerprint Publications

Some publishers normally ask for the same content as a hard copy. They do not entertain e-mail submissions.

- Rupa Publishers
-Westland Publishers
-Harper Collins India

Most of them are based at New Delhi. For children's books, poetry and short story works these companies may have a different format. 

These are only some of the publishing houses. There are other less known publishers who are willing to take on new authors. If they are interested in your manuscript, they might ask you to send  the complete manuscript. These companies take anywhere between a month and six months to respond to new submissions. Patience is the key virtue here. Most companies do not relpy in case of rejecting your work. 

In that case, you can still get your work published. It is called 'Self-publishing' which means getting your work published by yourself.


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