Only For You My Baby!

It is becoming increasingly difficult to spend time with children in a nuclear family set up. And that too, if your child is a baby or toddler demanding constant attention, then it becomes more of a work than a joy. Juggling all the routine activities and taking care of a baby are equally monumental tasks but not impossible. With a little organisation of your activities you can always have the best of the both worlds. Here are some of the tips to spend and equally enjoy that extra time with your baby.

- Try to cook lunch along with breakfast. This ensures that you have at least two hours free in the afternoon. Mornings are always the time when the work gets done so fast because we are fresh during the start of the day.

- Take a nap. When the baby takes a nap, quit doing work and lie down sometime with him. You can take a short nap to feel relaxed. If you are not a napper, you can simply do some recreational activities which you know will relax you. When the baby rests, you too have to rest. It rejuvenates your tired bones.

- Have meals on time. It is very difficult when you  have to run around the baby all day. His needs always come first . As a result , you might end up throwing your own things out of schedule. A hungry stomach fuels your irritation all the more.

- Play with your baby. You don't have to watch all the TV serials from morning to night. Choose two or three programs that you regularly want to see. The rest of the time, devote to your baby. When you do this regularly, the baby gets to know your schedule. He will wait eagerly for his playtime instead of trying to get your attention all the time.

- Get out of the house for a stroll. Being in a confined hyper active space for a whole day is not a good sign at all. You will end up being depressed and inevitably you will blame the baby for it. So go out and enjoy that cool wind in your hair.

Your kids will remain babies only once in their lifetime. Make the most of it :)


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