The Big Fat Indian Wedding

Do marriages work because people really make the effort to make it work or merely because people learn to live it just the way a toddler learns to learn ABC. Why is marriage called an institution anyways?
Is it because you always keep learning to manage things no matter how experienced you become.
Eitherways if all the great love stories and legends that claim true love are to be believed, then marriage should really be a good thing isn’t it? A wonderful relationship where you have somebody whom you can share your fears without being laughed at, share your joys without the fear of jealousy, share your worries without the fear of competition and most important of all when you fall down you always know that there is somebody to catch you.
The idea slowly sunk in, until one fine day I felt truly excited about the whole process.
I decided to get married. That is not so bad.. is it??
And so the traditional process of match making started.  Little did I know the complexities of the whole thing.
Height , weight, colour, education, salary, Family background, location, in laws.... the list was endless..

After going through all these initial criteria.. then came the meeting stage.. And this is when I knew I had a true inner voice.
“ Do you know to cook?”  Are you looking for a cook?
“How much do you earn?”  Are you planning to give me a promotion?
“Are you planning to quit your job after marriage?” Moron. What has my job got to do with marriage?
“Will you wear only sarees after marriage?” Only if you wear dhotis after marriage
The kind of questions that came up.. some were funny.. some amusing.. some direct. But some downright no no.. Its a wonder people even manage to get married after these kind of conversations.

Then the discussion stage..
The guy is not in a decent job.. 
He is too dark.. 
His family is not good enough...

All my dreams about getting married were slowly ebbing away.. I cannot get married to somebody for the sake of getting married , Can I?

Six months later..

I'm happily married to a wonderful guy now. I always wondered how people manage to get married after all this drama. But it does happen someday , when everything just feels right , special and suitable for you that you can no longer turn down a proposal. And that is how one gets married. I guess I learnt it practically!


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