Working Mothers, Tussi Great Ho!

Work life balance is a tricky concept. Because the balance part normally is not applicable to the ladies. We are brought up in a patriarchal society where even from a young age we put the needs of our family or others in general before our own. On hindsight, this looks like a huge mistake because, the entire concept of individuality goes for a toss then. The women of the family are good if they care about the rest while if she does something for herself once in a while, she is considered selfish. To add insult to injury, she is taught to feel guilty about spending time her own way.  For a working woman the challenges are greater and if that working women is a mother, the challenges become twisted, since women are looked upon to embrace the responsibilities of motherhood while men just pop their head into the window of their children's life,as fathers here and there.

If a man is never present for his children, he is extremely busy earning for his family. If a woman does the same, she is inconsiderate. If a man is successful, everybody likes him. If a woman is successful, her personal life is scrutinized inch by inch for flaws. It is possible for a man to be a good father by just buying expensive gifts for his children, while a woman spending most of the time with them is never enough. Women have to struggle to get things accomplished while the same things are taken for granted by men.

We are in an era where the gender bias no longer makes any practical sense since survival as a family is the key here. Women rule the boardrooms as well the kitchen and they do not care about the acknowledgement part anymore. They are not scared to air their opinions or being judged harshly. When they started working, they shed their shyness. Now they are armed to take over the world. We do not expect men to appreciate us and congratulate us on our achievements. No sir! that will be expecting way too much. What we expect is to let things be as they are. There is no need to blow little things out of proportion. So what if she arrives late and is unable to make dinner. She slogs to support the man financially. So what if she wants you to take over the grocery department once in a while. She always cooks for the two of you no matter how irritated she is. So what if she needs you to don the father hat more often. She juggles a lot more than you are even capable of imagining. So what if she cries once in a while. That is the only way she can handle her unreciprocated emotions. Her hands are always full but her heart has a space always specially reserved for you.

If you are that special guy who knows the value of your woman, this article is not meant for you. For all the others, please rethink how your life would have been if not for that woman.


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