Albert Einstein - The absent minded genius

Today is the birthday of the great physicist Albert Einstein. This day is also observed as the 'pi day' because of the date 14 march.( pi=22/7 or 3.14). Here are some special facts about the sensational scientist.

1. Albert Einstein was born a fat baby with a bigger-than-normal head. His parents thought he was a deformed baby. But this condition corrected itself as he grew up.

2. Einstein could not talk till the age of four. He uttered his first sentence (This soup is too hot) at the age of nine.

3.He could not pass his university entrance exam as he has flunked in all the subjects expect maths and science.

4. His interest in science was sparked by the compass which was given to him when he was sick once.

5. He was twice married. He was one among the very few men who married their first cousins.

6. He had a very bad memory. He could not remember dates and phone numbers.

7. Einstein was a violin player. He was inspired by the music of Mozart. His mother was a piano player.

8. He was even offered the presidency of Israel but he politely declined.

9. Einstein won the nobel prize for photoelectric effect while he is better known as the man who designed the theory of relativity.

10. He never like haircuts or socks. Hence the unkempt look of the Einstein we know!

11. He loved to sail though he never knew swimming.

12. He liked to work in complete silence.For all his brilliance he never learnt to drive a car. He either rode a bicycle or walked to work.

13. Einstein's sense of humor was well known.

14. He died of a ruptured blood vessel. While surgery was mentioned, he simply said there was no joy in prolonging life by artificial means.

15. His brain was preserved in a jar for 43 years after his death. It was examined by world's leading brain specialists.


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