16 things you would know if you lived in an apartment

1. You do not know the name of at least one neighbor.

2. If you belong to A block, you think A block is the entire apartment. You do not even know how the other blocks are structured.

3. You enjoy your house but worry about the next monthly loan installment.

4. There is at least one neighbor who loves watching TV serials at high volumes.

5. You have no time to service your own things. 

6. An apartment without a lift puts you off.

7. You think you are in good terms  with your neighbors if you attend the yearly annual party.

8. There are families you don't even know sharing your building.

9. You try to get along with the people from the same work sector or related industry.

10. If it was a choice between an afternoon movie and a neighborhood get-together you would always lean towards the movie.

11. There are huge play areas but very few children actually playing outdoors.

12. If the servant maid does not turn up for a day, the whole house is in chaos.

13. There is at least one pet lover in your area who will have a dog within your apartment premises.

14. You suddenly realize the importance of water very clearly.

15. You will have lots of neighbors but very few friends if at all there are any.

16. Your house is filled with gadgets.


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