5 Reasons to Kick Your Bucket List

Bucket lists are a very common concept now. We hear a lot of people wanting to do certain things or visit certain places and make a list out of them. They call this list the bucket list and spend the rest of their lives ticking off the things that they have actually managed to achieve. Social sites are full of people who use this term liberally. But here are my reasons as to why this whole concept is not as great as it poses to be.

1. Your wish list ideally changes with time and age whether you agree or not. Things that seem crazy or stupid at your teen age might seem sensible or alluring later or vice versa. Why do we have to make a list out of it? Going with the flow is always the better option. You might surprise yourself by enjoying something that you never thought you might enjoy in the first place.

2. Creating a bucket list creates an unnecessary pressure on you. It is like achieving targets.

3. If at all you share your bucket list with your friends, you are constantly questioned about it and sometimes it might irk you.

4.It lacks spontaneity and involves a lot of planning.

5. It limits your options basically. You never really get a chance to explore things outside once you decide your bucket list.

If you have a bucket list kick it out now. You have many surprises coming your way.


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