My dream came true - To a loving husband

I was waiting for a long time
To meet a respectable man
A gentle man of manners and looks
With a bold and joyful heart,
Undoubtedly in most good books
And believes in a positive start
With whom I can cross the threshold of wedding
Without the fear of boredom
With whom my life would be so blissful
That it would become wholesome
A man who knows no boundaries
A man who likes a woman as she is
A man who doesn't demand my legs be waxed
A man who doesn't expect his house be fixed
A man who knows I'm a daddy's girl
And in his warmth makes my toes curl
A man who is not afraid to call my mom as his
A man who refers to my sister as sis
A man whose deeds everyone wants to hear
A man who spreads love and good cheer
To marry such a man was a dream
A wistful flash, no doubt the other gender's cream
But then it happened just like that
One phone call and I was flat
Madly, deeply, truly in love
To this day my happiness, to you I owe
Never till now did I feel blue
A happy dream you are, that finally came true!

The illogical astrology

The other day I was reading the forecast for the new year. The last week of a year is always full of activity. People are suddenly interested in history and looking back at their life. News channels review anything review worthy (read as movies, books, sports etc) till the final day of the year. This year was no different. As I was saying, I came across the horoscope for 2015 by a popular astrologer. At this point I have to say, I'm not big into astrology (I did not even know astrology was different from astronomy till my twelfth year) like Guppi aunty who would not even have non-veg foods without considering the day, date and time. My question is what has chicken got to do with it at all? I'm no astrologer but I would not be wrong to say the concept of time ends here for me - good time for a feast and bad time for the poor chicken who had to be dispatched from earth. Or maybe it was  good time for the chicken as it had reached heaven finally. What is this time concept anyways?

I have a boutique. Mondays I don't work. Whereas for all these astrology smitten people, Tuesday is not an auspicious day (I don't know how this concept started). So people constantly come to me with the advice that I should quit working on Tuesday instead of Monday. So I asked Guppi aunty, what would we do if a child were to be born on Tuesday? Would the baby be any less welcome? She looked at me calmly and said, "Beta, there are certain things beyond our control that is decided by God. We cannot change everything. We should accept what he gives." Right. And the same God has given us seven days a week. Seven days which are equal in length and similar in structure. Why the difference towards poor Tuesday then? Things we can't change are to be accepted and things we can change, can be altered till we ourselves forget the reason for changing it. What logic is this?

Same is the concept with the right and left side of our body. While entering a new home, use the right leg to enter. While donating money use the right hand. Is the left hand any less important?

So this astrologer says according to my birth date, this year is going to be a mixed year. In his own words, 'Life is not a straight road. Expect curves.' Yeah right. We have got 365 days in a year. How can one be in a single frame of mind through out the year? I'm getting ready to go out with my friends the next day when Guppi aunty says, "Beta, your horoscope says 'expect curves'. You should come with me to the Shiv temple for 12 weeks on an empty stomach in the morning, (which translates into three months of only two meals per day). It will make your curves easier." I look at her and say with a straight face,"I enjoy curves aunty", which leaves her completely bewildered. I was going to the amusement park with my friends that day. Who would hate the curves of a roller coaster ride?


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